Castle Cragmaw

After having beaten off the ghoul’s attack, the party finished their night sleep. They woke up to a cold, rainy morning and headed off on the Triboar trail. Around noon the group came upon Grisaldy, a dwarf merchant out of Zhoran. He was waylaid by goblins and had his goods and horse taken. He mentioned that the dwarves out of Khamar had taken Cragmorton and were on their way to Zhoran. He had left with one load of goods before army had made it to the city.
The group healed him up a bit and left to track the goblins. After an hour of pointless searching, Aran found the trail which eventually lead to Castle Cragmaw.
After a quick survey of the ruins of the small castle the party tried the front door. Unfortunately the goblin guards heard them coming and shot down from the arrow slits. A furious melee ensued leaving the party wounded but victorious. Another room revealed the mess hall where the group valiantly dispatch the evil goblin chef and his workers. They interrogated a prisoner and left him tied up to a bench.



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