After the goblin ambush, the party took a short break to dress their wounds. They then checked the surroundings for clues. They found a well used goblin path that showed that two people were dragged away maybe a day or so before. Assuming that the goblins had captured Gundren and Sildar, the party headed out to rescue them, leaving V to guard the shipment.

Traveling along the path Miczor found a couple traps. The snare he found with his eyes. The pit he found with the help of gravity.

Reaching the cave the party dispatched a couple of goblin guards and mounted one of the filed-toothed heads on a stick by the entrance of the cave. Inside the cave they found three vicious wolf which Vavavoom pacified with some soothing words and a haunch of goblin.

Traveling further into the cave the party dispatched another goblin lookout on a rickety bridge before he could raise the alarm. Aran scouted ahead to discover three goblins in a large natural room with two pools that were made by the goblins. Deciding to go the safe way and not tangle with the three unaware goblins the party heads into the goblin’s den and has a brief but nasty skirmish with six goblins. Three goblins had fallen but so had Miczor. At that point one goblin tried to use Sildar, who was held captive in the cave, as a bargaining chip to get the party to kill Klarg the hobgoblin in charge at the hideout. The party would have none of it and Sildar was thrown off the ledge, only to be ‘caught’ by by Aran. The rest of the goblins were dispatched with some trouble leaving the party pretty badly hurt.

Sildar, anxious to get to Carmel and safety, offer the party 50gp to escort him there. The party decides that caution is the better side of valour and leaves the cave before any more goblins return.

The party reunites with V and the next day they reach Carmel. Meanwhile, Sildar tells the group that he believes that someone named the ‘Black Spider’ issued orders to Klarg to capture Gundren and send him to Castle Crag. He also talks about what Gundren and his brothers believe to have found (see entry on Wave Echo Cave).

Upon reaching Carmel, the party heads to Barthen’s Provisions and deliver the goods and get their payment, insulting Elmar Barthen in the process. They then all got some rooms at the Stonehill inn, got some food and went to bed. All except Aran who spent most of the night carousing, having a great time and making some new friends, and Vavavoom who spent the night on the floor outside of Sildar’s room. During the course of the night Aran heard some interesting stories (see ‘Rumours’ Entry).

The next morning the group woke up and found Sildar breaking his fast. Vavavoom also found out that cutpurses were pretty active that night. The party then escorted Sildar to the Townmaster’s Hall and met Harben Wester, the Townmaster, who paid the money owed by Sildar to the group. Miczor then accepted a map from the Townmaster showing them the way to Wyvern Tor, a location where orcs are said to be causing trouble. The Townmaster implored the party to head straight out and deal with the problem and earn the reward. Miczor left the Hall after having insulted both Sildar and Harben.

The party then decided to head to Wyvern Tor.

Each PC earns 250xp.



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