Enter Orianna

After slaying three more Rebrands the group left the manor and buried She-Ra in the woods South of the manor. They continued on to the town and rested up at the inn. After getting a few supplies they went back to the manor and finished searching. Of note, they destroyed three animated skeletons that seemed to be guarding the Tressendar crypt. In the sarcophagi the party found three platinum signet rings. Deep in the manor the party found the rest of the woodcarver’s family who were to be sold into slavery. The mother told the group about a half-elf meeting V’s description being shipped off two days earlier.

The group also rescued a tiefling named Orianna. She agreed to join the party, at least for a little while…

After having searched the entire manor, the party returned to Carmel and helped the woodworkers clean up their home. Then they went and spoke to Sildar who rewarded them with 200gp and tried to convince them to search out Castle Crag. The party then remembered Droop, the poor goblin they had left tied up. They returned to him but he didn’t remember where the castle was.

Not having a better plan, the party bought a horse and cart and went out onto the Triboar trail to waylay some goblins and shake out the information. Unfortunately they were waylaid by a wandering group of ghouls! After a furious melee the party emerged victorious.

Each character received 260 xp.



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