The Fall of She-Ra

Tresendar Manor

The party continued to search Tresendar Manor. Opening the door, Vavavoom insults the three large hairy bear-like goblinoids who are bullying a pathetic goblin, and a furious melee ensues. She-Ra is knocked out but Miczor is able to reach her and heal her before the end. Vavavoom transforms into a lion and takes down one of the beasts. Not in time to save Miczor though who falls to the might of the bugbear’s morningstar. Vavavoom then takes a blow to the head and is knocked out. She-Ra takes her revenge and drops the beast. Aran puts an arrow into the last standing bugbear as She-Ra is, once again, taken down.

The bugbear charges at Aran who, once again, hits it with an arrow. She-Ra starts to bleed out. Aran drops his bow, draws his shortsword and plunges it into the eye of the beast (Crit!). He then runs over to She-Ra but is unable to stop the bleeding. She-Ra dies in the unkempt bedchamber of the bugbears.

After tending the wounds of the fallen, tying up the goblin and looting the room the heroes decide to lock themselves away and try to rest. They were interrupted by a couple Redbrands though who were able to escape after getting shot by a couple of Aran’s arrows.

The party decided to keep investigating the manor before the Redbrands came back with reinforcements. They entered the main cellar of the manor and set up an elaborate ambush on some Redbrands that Droop (the captive goblin) had warned them about. Unfortunately while setting up the ambush, Vavavoom dropped a barrel of flour alerting the villains of their presence. The ensuing removal of the barrels in order to get to the door gave the villains time to prepare themselves and they were able to ambush the party. Rushing out of the doorway, the first two Redbrands shoved Miczor out of the way while the third took a swing. A furious melee ensued. Ultimately the heroes prevailed but each one was severely wounded and all out of magic. After looting the bodies they tried to decide what to do.

Each member of the party receives 325xp.
Miczor is out of spells and Lay on Hand ability
Vavavoom is out of spells and is down to 1 wild shape (the shape is down to 0 hps)
Aran has all his spells left.
She-Ra is currently propped up in the corner of the wizard’s lab.
Droop is currently tied up in the bottom of the chasm.



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