Tresendar Manor

While resting up at the tavern for their assault on Tresendar Manor a dishevelled merchant guard come running in. “It’s War!” he cried in common room. “Enmouth has taken Waybourne and is on their way to Jessarton!” A furious commotion ensued. The party listened some more to the talk, however, it soon turned out that very little of what was said can be taken at face value as nobody in this small pioneer town really knows what is going on that far away (a week travel to Enmouth with a good horse).

The party decided that, although important, this news doesn’t change their plans of storming the manor that night. There was some discussion about what it means for the Redbrands but, without more information, a proper deduction is impossible.

With the night approaching, the party gathers their gear and heads to the woods where the Halfling lad found a tunnel. Everything was quiet when they entered the tunnel and walked about a hundred feet before coming upon a large natural cavern. There they met the ‘eye monster’. A 5 ½ foot tall scaly, slimy creature with long claws, sharp teeth and a large single eye protruding from it’s misshapen head. The creature seemed to be able to see into the group’s mind and speak directly with the group. Feeling really creeped out, Aran shot at it and the creature fought back. In the end, the party defeated the creature but not before it had severely hurt She-Ra. Searching the cave the party found some treasure, including the magic sword ‘Talon’.

Looking around, the party came upon a secret door which led to some stairs. Those stairs led to another secret door. That door led to a small but well-appointed bed chamber. In the bed-chamber was a mage who wielded a glass staff. The mage attempted to flee but the group caught up to him just as he reached some Redbrand thugs. A furious melee ensued but the heroes were able to slay the wizard and the drunken thugs with relative ease.

After having searched the currently explored rooms, Miczor found that the chasm emanates a necromantic aura of magic.

XP: 260 once the party is done exploring the manor.



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