Wyvern Tor

Session 2.5

Rumours of the Orc raiding party must have spread like wildfire. On the three day journey to Wyvern Tor, Aran, Miczor and Vavavoom didn’t see a soul. Having tracked down the orc’s camp Aran took a shot at the lone orc sentry. The arrow missed and the orc ran into the cave.

As the three heroes charged the cave four orc came charging out. A furious melee insued between the four orcs and Miczor and Vavavoom. Aran was soon set upon by the orc’s ally, an ogre named Gog.

During the fierce melee the party defeated Brughor, the orc’s leader. At that point the rest of the orcs fled leaving only Gog to fight. And fight he did. Gog dispatched Miczor but then fell himself.

The party rested a bit then looted the cave that the orcs had used to stash their treasures looted from the countryside.

Each eligible* party member received 200xp.

*See house rules



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