Castle Cragmaw

After having beaten off the ghoul’s attack, the party finished their night sleep. They woke up to a cold, rainy morning and headed off on the Triboar trail. Around noon the group came upon Grisaldy, a dwarf merchant out of Zhoran. He was waylaid by goblins and had his goods and horse taken. He mentioned that the dwarves out of Khamar had taken Cragmorton and were on their way to Zhoran. He had left with one load of goods before army had made it to the city.
The group healed him up a bit and left to track the goblins. After an hour of pointless searching, Aran found the trail which eventually lead to Castle Cragmaw.
After a quick survey of the ruins of the small castle the party tried the front door. Unfortunately the goblin guards heard them coming and shot down from the arrow slits. A furious melee ensued leaving the party wounded but victorious. Another room revealed the mess hall where the group valiantly dispatch the evil goblin chef and his workers. They interrogated a prisoner and left him tied up to a bench.

Enter Orianna

After slaying three more Rebrands the group left the manor and buried She-Ra in the woods South of the manor. They continued on to the town and rested up at the inn. After getting a few supplies they went back to the manor and finished searching. Of note, they destroyed three animated skeletons that seemed to be guarding the Tressendar crypt. In the sarcophagi the party found three platinum signet rings. Deep in the manor the party found the rest of the woodcarver’s family who were to be sold into slavery. The mother told the group about a half-elf meeting V’s description being shipped off two days earlier.

The group also rescued a tiefling named Orianna. She agreed to join the party, at least for a little while…

After having searched the entire manor, the party returned to Carmel and helped the woodworkers clean up their home. Then they went and spoke to Sildar who rewarded them with 200gp and tried to convince them to search out Castle Crag. The party then remembered Droop, the poor goblin they had left tied up. They returned to him but he didn’t remember where the castle was.

Not having a better plan, the party bought a horse and cart and went out onto the Triboar trail to waylay some goblins and shake out the information. Unfortunately they were waylaid by a wandering group of ghouls! After a furious melee the party emerged victorious.

Each character received 260 xp.

The Fall of She-Ra
Tresendar Manor

The party continued to search Tresendar Manor. Opening the door, Vavavoom insults the three large hairy bear-like goblinoids who are bullying a pathetic goblin, and a furious melee ensues. She-Ra is knocked out but Miczor is able to reach her and heal her before the end. Vavavoom transforms into a lion and takes down one of the beasts. Not in time to save Miczor though who falls to the might of the bugbear’s morningstar. Vavavoom then takes a blow to the head and is knocked out. She-Ra takes her revenge and drops the beast. Aran puts an arrow into the last standing bugbear as She-Ra is, once again, taken down.

The bugbear charges at Aran who, once again, hits it with an arrow. She-Ra starts to bleed out. Aran drops his bow, draws his shortsword and plunges it into the eye of the beast (Crit!). He then runs over to She-Ra but is unable to stop the bleeding. She-Ra dies in the unkempt bedchamber of the bugbears.

After tending the wounds of the fallen, tying up the goblin and looting the room the heroes decide to lock themselves away and try to rest. They were interrupted by a couple Redbrands though who were able to escape after getting shot by a couple of Aran’s arrows.

The party decided to keep investigating the manor before the Redbrands came back with reinforcements. They entered the main cellar of the manor and set up an elaborate ambush on some Redbrands that Droop (the captive goblin) had warned them about. Unfortunately while setting up the ambush, Vavavoom dropped a barrel of flour alerting the villains of their presence. The ensuing removal of the barrels in order to get to the door gave the villains time to prepare themselves and they were able to ambush the party. Rushing out of the doorway, the first two Redbrands shoved Miczor out of the way while the third took a swing. A furious melee ensued. Ultimately the heroes prevailed but each one was severely wounded and all out of magic. After looting the bodies they tried to decide what to do.

Each member of the party receives 325xp.
Miczor is out of spells and Lay on Hand ability
Vavavoom is out of spells and is down to 1 wild shape (the shape is down to 0 hps)
Aran has all his spells left.
She-Ra is currently propped up in the corner of the wizard’s lab.
Droop is currently tied up in the bottom of the chasm.

Tresendar Manor

While resting up at the tavern for their assault on Tresendar Manor a dishevelled merchant guard come running in. “It’s War!” he cried in common room. “Enmouth has taken Waybourne and is on their way to Jessarton!” A furious commotion ensued. The party listened some more to the talk, however, it soon turned out that very little of what was said can be taken at face value as nobody in this small pioneer town really knows what is going on that far away (a week travel to Enmouth with a good horse).

The party decided that, although important, this news doesn’t change their plans of storming the manor that night. There was some discussion about what it means for the Redbrands but, without more information, a proper deduction is impossible.

With the night approaching, the party gathers their gear and heads to the woods where the Halfling lad found a tunnel. Everything was quiet when they entered the tunnel and walked about a hundred feet before coming upon a large natural cavern. There they met the ‘eye monster’. A 5 ½ foot tall scaly, slimy creature with long claws, sharp teeth and a large single eye protruding from it’s misshapen head. The creature seemed to be able to see into the group’s mind and speak directly with the group. Feeling really creeped out, Aran shot at it and the creature fought back. In the end, the party defeated the creature but not before it had severely hurt She-Ra. Searching the cave the party found some treasure, including the magic sword ‘Talon’.

Looking around, the party came upon a secret door which led to some stairs. Those stairs led to another secret door. That door led to a small but well-appointed bed chamber. In the bed-chamber was a mage who wielded a glass staff. The mage attempted to flee but the group caught up to him just as he reached some Redbrand thugs. A furious melee ensued but the heroes were able to slay the wizard and the drunken thugs with relative ease.

After having searched the currently explored rooms, Miczor found that the chasm emanates a necromantic aura of magic.

XP: 260 once the party is done exploring the manor.

Dealing with the Redbrands

V and She-Ra stayed in Carmel for a few days to dig up whatever information they could find about the Cragmaws. Unfortunately either nobody around Carmel knew about them or they weren’t talking. During this time they were harassed by the Redbrands and so they kept mostly to the Stonehill Inn.

They did meet Qelline and Carp Alderleaf. A Halfling farmer and her son. Her son told V and She-Ra about seeing a couple of Redbrands come out of a secret tunnel around the old Tresendar Manor, the old Lord’s manor that has fallen into disrepair over the last 30 or so years.

Miczor and Aran arrived back at the inn in the evening. They spoke about what had happened and went to bed. The next morning, the party planned to go to see Harbin Wester, the Townmaster. On their way there, they were accosted by a band of Redbrands. A furious melee ensued leaving the party victorious. They bound up the survivors and after a quick and furious dialogue with Wester, the party dragged the bodies into the woodcutter’s home across the lane. There they rested and interrogated the prisoner.

They learned that the secret tunnel is guarded by an ‘eye monster’. Unfortunately they weren’t able to get any more information about that. They also learned that the Redbrands were hired by the Black Spider and placed under the authority of a wizard named Glassstaff. They are in Carmel to scare any adventurers and nosey types away.

Having kept his part of the bargain the party reported his presence to Sildar who said that he would keep him in the jail in the Townmaster’s hall. After some conversation with Wester and Sildar, the party seems to trust the Peacekeeper, even though they have a suspicion about the identity of the missing Peacekeeper, Iarno Albrek. Sildar has offered a reward for clearing out the Redbrands. He’s offered a sizable reward to locate and disperse the goblins at Castle Crag as well.

The party decided to rest for the day and go to the manor at night.

Party gets 200xp.
See Carmel map in the Wiki

Wyvern Tor
Session 2.5

Rumours of the Orc raiding party must have spread like wildfire. On the three day journey to Wyvern Tor, Aran, Miczor and Vavavoom didn’t see a soul. Having tracked down the orc’s camp Aran took a shot at the lone orc sentry. The arrow missed and the orc ran into the cave.

As the three heroes charged the cave four orc came charging out. A furious melee insued between the four orcs and Miczor and Vavavoom. Aran was soon set upon by the orc’s ally, an ogre named Gog.

During the fierce melee the party defeated Brughor, the orc’s leader. At that point the rest of the orcs fled leaving only Gog to fight. And fight he did. Gog dispatched Miczor but then fell himself.

The party rested a bit then looted the cave that the orcs had used to stash their treasures looted from the countryside.

Each eligible* party member received 200xp.

*See house rules

Cragmaw's hideout
Session 2

After the goblin ambush, the party took a short break to dress their wounds. They then checked the surroundings for clues. They found a well used goblin path that showed that two people were dragged away maybe a day or so before. Assuming that the goblins had captured Gundren and Sildar, the party headed out to rescue them, leaving V to guard the shipment.

Traveling along the path Miczor found a couple traps. The snare he found with his eyes. The pit he found with the help of gravity.

Reaching the cave the party dispatched a couple of goblin guards and mounted one of the filed-toothed heads on a stick by the entrance of the cave. Inside the cave they found three vicious wolf which Vavavoom pacified with some soothing words and a haunch of goblin.

Traveling further into the cave the party dispatched another goblin lookout on a rickety bridge before he could raise the alarm. Aran scouted ahead to discover three goblins in a large natural room with two pools that were made by the goblins. Deciding to go the safe way and not tangle with the three unaware goblins the party heads into the goblin’s den and has a brief but nasty skirmish with six goblins. Three goblins had fallen but so had Miczor. At that point one goblin tried to use Sildar, who was held captive in the cave, as a bargaining chip to get the party to kill Klarg the hobgoblin in charge at the hideout. The party would have none of it and Sildar was thrown off the ledge, only to be ‘caught’ by by Aran. The rest of the goblins were dispatched with some trouble leaving the party pretty badly hurt.

Sildar, anxious to get to Carmel and safety, offer the party 50gp to escort him there. The party decides that caution is the better side of valour and leaves the cave before any more goblins return.

The party reunites with V and the next day they reach Carmel. Meanwhile, Sildar tells the group that he believes that someone named the ‘Black Spider’ issued orders to Klarg to capture Gundren and send him to Castle Crag. He also talks about what Gundren and his brothers believe to have found (see entry on Wave Echo Cave).

Upon reaching Carmel, the party heads to Barthen’s Provisions and deliver the goods and get their payment, insulting Elmar Barthen in the process. They then all got some rooms at the Stonehill inn, got some food and went to bed. All except Aran who spent most of the night carousing, having a great time and making some new friends, and Vavavoom who spent the night on the floor outside of Sildar’s room. During the course of the night Aran heard some interesting stories (see ‘Rumours’ Entry).

The next morning the group woke up and found Sildar breaking his fast. Vavavoom also found out that cutpurses were pretty active that night. The party then escorted Sildar to the Townmaster’s Hall and met Harben Wester, the Townmaster, who paid the money owed by Sildar to the group. Miczor then accepted a map from the Townmaster showing them the way to Wyvern Tor, a location where orcs are said to be causing trouble. The Townmaster implored the party to head straight out and deal with the problem and earn the reward. Miczor left the Hall after having insulted both Sildar and Harben.

The party then decided to head to Wyvern Tor.

Each PC earns 250xp.

A New Begining
Night 1

Having just decided to quit the wandering circus and join up with some like-minded adventurers, Foos asked a favour of V and Lily. If they could go to Upbourne and meet Gundren Rockseeker, he should have a job for them.

The group decides that money is needed to fund their grand adventure and head to Upbourne and meet with Gundren the dwarf. He explains to the party that he found ‘something big’ and he need the party to escort a load of mining goods to the frontier town of Carmel. He will pay them 10gp each for this service. When the party agreed Gundren left Jesserton with Sildar Hallwinter, a Peacekeeper, a day ahead of the party.

The party had left Upbourne on the High Road and their trip was largely uneventful until they turned onto the Triboar trail. After about half a day on the trail they came across the dead horses belonging to Gundren and Sildar. The horses were killed by goblin arrows. Possibly from the same bows that sprang an ambush on the party! The group was able to kill the ambushers without letting any escape. Once that was done they searched the dead horses only to find empty saddle bags and an empty leather map case.

PCs are each awarded 50xp

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