A New Begining

Night 1

Having just decided to quit the wandering circus and join up with some like-minded adventurers, Foos asked a favour of V and Lily. If they could go to Upbourne and meet Gundren Rockseeker, he should have a job for them.

The group decides that money is needed to fund their grand adventure and head to Upbourne and meet with Gundren the dwarf. He explains to the party that he found ‘something big’ and he need the party to escort a load of mining goods to the frontier town of Carmel. He will pay them 10gp each for this service. When the party agreed Gundren left Jesserton with Sildar Hallwinter, a Peacekeeper, a day ahead of the party.

The party had left Upbourne on the High Road and their trip was largely uneventful until they turned onto the Triboar trail. After about half a day on the trail they came across the dead horses belonging to Gundren and Sildar. The horses were killed by goblin arrows. Possibly from the same bows that sprang an ambush on the party! The group was able to kill the ambushers without letting any escape. Once that was done they searched the dead horses only to find empty saddle bags and an empty leather map case.

PCs are each awarded 50xp



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