Dealing with the Redbrands

V and She-Ra stayed in Carmel for a few days to dig up whatever information they could find about the Cragmaws. Unfortunately either nobody around Carmel knew about them or they weren’t talking. During this time they were harassed by the Redbrands and so they kept mostly to the Stonehill Inn.

They did meet Qelline and Carp Alderleaf. A Halfling farmer and her son. Her son told V and She-Ra about seeing a couple of Redbrands come out of a secret tunnel around the old Tresendar Manor, the old Lord’s manor that has fallen into disrepair over the last 30 or so years.

Miczor and Aran arrived back at the inn in the evening. They spoke about what had happened and went to bed. The next morning, the party planned to go to see Harbin Wester, the Townmaster. On their way there, they were accosted by a band of Redbrands. A furious melee ensued leaving the party victorious. They bound up the survivors and after a quick and furious dialogue with Wester, the party dragged the bodies into the woodcutter’s home across the lane. There they rested and interrogated the prisoner.

They learned that the secret tunnel is guarded by an ‘eye monster’. Unfortunately they weren’t able to get any more information about that. They also learned that the Redbrands were hired by the Black Spider and placed under the authority of a wizard named Glassstaff. They are in Carmel to scare any adventurers and nosey types away.

Having kept his part of the bargain the party reported his presence to Sildar who said that he would keep him in the jail in the Townmaster’s hall. After some conversation with Wester and Sildar, the party seems to trust the Peacekeeper, even though they have a suspicion about the identity of the missing Peacekeeper, Iarno Albrek. Sildar has offered a reward for clearing out the Redbrands. He’s offered a sizable reward to locate and disperse the goblins at Castle Crag as well.

The party decided to rest for the day and go to the manor at night.

Party gets 200xp.
See Carmel map in the Wiki



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